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Running head: SDG
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The aim of this paper is to discuss sustainab …

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Running head: SDG
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Author Note:
The aim of this paper is to discuss sustainable development goal 5detailed by the United Nations
focusing upon the gender equality. Gender equality and women empowerment has been one of
the most relevant and important goal in order to overcome social and economic disparity in the
society. Equal participation in the decision making and reducing violence against women are
promoted in this sustainable development goal. This paper will align this sustainable
development goal with Laudato Si and Catholic social teaching principles so that the value of
human being in the society respective of gender can be understood. This paper will analyze the
activities of community organisation like international Women’s Development Agency to
understand and support rights of women in the Asian and Australian region.
Explanation of SDG:
Sustainable development goal 5is related to gender equality as established by the United Nations.
The goal is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. There are several
indicators on the basis of which target will be measured and the organisations along with the
Government of the countries will understand whether they are being able to achieve sustainable
development goal file. It is an action area which affects the outcome of the others and bring
balance in the social, environmental and economic sustainability (, 2022) .This
particular girl has 9targets and 14 indicators which are all outcome oriented. The main target is
to in all types of discrimination against the girls and women everywhere and ending the violence
and exploitation of women. The process of eliminating harmful practices like early, forced and
child marriage and female genital mutilation. Along with this the goal also targets to ensure that
women can participate completely in the leadership and decision making process and access to
the universal reproductive health and rights (, 2022) .The organisations and governments
must ensure that women can promote share domestic responsibilities and value unpaid care. The
goal targets to promote equal rights to the property ownership, promote empowerment of women
through technology, economic resources and financial services and adopt policies as well as
enforceable legislation for gender equality.
Key themes of Laudato Si’ and principles of catholic social training and connection with
Laudato Si action platform is acollaboration between the Vatican and people of goodwill to take
ground approach and empower everybody to take decisive action here and Now. Laudato Si 13
follows the Catholic philosophy of bringing the whole human family together and change things
to promote sustainability. He calls towards sustainability to integrate Ecology and expand
profound care for one another. To him it is the only way to respect and worship the creator and
all creation. The action platform has been developed for building a better future in which
inclusion of everybody is needed (Fu et al., 2020). This is aunique collaboration of community
members with Vatican which is an international coalition of Catholic organisations. The
strengths and realities of the communities here have been used to empower everybody and take a
journey towards creating a better future. According to Laudato Si, action is needed urgently
because god had called human family to take care of the creation but they have neglected that
call (, 2022, April 22) . The planet is becoming deader, dirtier and
hotter planet driving up the risk of sustainable growth. In order to heal these situation
responsibilities are to be taken by all respective of Gender and cultural or economic background
in the society. This is apath to renewal. Laudato Si has taken aprocess oriented approach to
respond to various Institutions and community working for attaining sustainable goals. Various
communities around the world have connected with this action platform and share resources for
strengthening community. There are several inspiring stories to motivate the participants and a
sharp growth can we found in the last few years.
The Catholic Church has effectively brought changes in the society for centuries. The social
teaching from the Catholic Church provides compelling challenges for the living responsibilities
in just society. With the change of time, Catholic third process have been changed and modern
thoughts have been introduced but these all have actually supported the institution to be more
specific in solving modern social problems. Catholic Church is rooted in articulated scripture
and traditions of written documents but these heavy world over time to respond to the challenges
Catholic social teaching is the foundation with mission and values of Catholic community
services ( 2017, April 24) .The main themes of Christian social teachings are life and
dignity of human person, rights and responsibilities, call to family and community and
participation, preferential option for the poor, dignity of work and the rights of the workers,
solidarity and care for God’s creation. Church acknowledges rights and responsibility of human
beings as the best creation of God. Therefore family and community at the best responsibility to
promote each other ’s dignity and rights (Agarwal, 2018) . Healthy tradition highlights that
human poise mostly protected and astrong community must be developed but for this human
rights are to be protected and all the responsibilities of being ahuman person are to be met. Like
the United Nations sustainable development goals, the principal of CST promotes that every
human being must have the fundamental rights to life and have everything required for human
civility. Disorganization also acknowledges the social segregation on the basis of economic
differences and the existence of poverty. CST refers that the success of asociety is determined
of how the poor here are sustaining because they are the most vulnerable members and need to
meet basic requirements of human decency (Miotto, Polo López & Rom Rodr íguez, 2019) .The
organisation also points out the dignity of work and rights of the workers respective of their
gender and cultural background. The basic rights of the workers include descent and fair wages,
secured environment and right to productive work.
Both Laudato Si and CST have worked to promote life and dignity of the human being. Both
these organisations proclaims that human life is created by the God therefore is sacred. The
dignity of human person there for must be the foundation of moral vision for any society. The
organisations believe that every individual is precious and more important than anything.
Therefore, any activity to threaten against the dignity and life of human person must be mitigated.
All of these are properly aline do it the sustainability goals developed by the United Nations
(Dhar, 2018). The differences that the UN promotes these targets socially where does these
organisations reach the same on the basis of religious ideology. However the overall analysis of
the key themes followed by these two Catholic organisation does not find economic and social
freedom of women were promotion of equality of the human beings can be found indirectly. The
UN SDG 5has hammered the need for special requirement to promote women in various spaces
in the society and pushes the government and nonprofit organisations to achieve the target within
aspecific timeline. These two Catholic organisations have indicated community engagement to
achieve the principles for creating abetter future together.
Interacting with community organization:
International Women’s Development Agency is anonprofit organisation operating since 1985 in
Australia. This secular nonprofit agency has aimed to break down all the challenges which
prohibit complete equality of women in Australia and more specifically, in every country within
Asia Pacific region. The organisation has added 10 principles of United Nations Global compact
and funded 300 overseas projects which are devised as well as managed by women working for
the communities (International Women’s Development Agency. IWDA., 2022) . The faster
innovative and practical responses for the most critical issues faced by women at work. This
nonprofit agency has always followed the fifth principle of gender equality by the UN and also
aligned the Catholic teaching of working together for a better future (Sachs et al, 2018).
Depending up on these principles, international Women’s Development Agency or IWDA
undertakes several innovative responses for ending discrimination against women in the society.
The community works to end all violence against women and all types of exploitation. Asia
Pacific region is aplace where the practices like forced marriages and forced labor for women
are common (Sebire, 2020) . IWDA has undertaken several projects to create awareness about
these challenges and prevented such practices legally. Genital mutilation is aspecific Customs
in the countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia and other Southeast countries and this
organisation has taken political and legal actions against the practitioners and saved lives of
many girl child (Manandhar et al., 2019) .The project partnerships with the Government of Fiji,
Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Solomon Islands and Myanmar have been form decor that the
life and will being of women and girls here are protected. The organisation has also work across
policy advocate for advancement of women’s rights in the region. Recently they are also
working to promote rights of the LGBT community so that equality in the society is promoted in
respective of sexuality and sexual preferences.
Therefore itcan be concluded that women have been long neglected in the society but now is the
time to promote equality in the society. Both the social, governmental and religious
organisations have started to work and hand to protect women rights and ensure all-inclusive
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Catholic Social Teaching

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