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Running head: ENGLISH ESSAY
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Facebook vs. Twitte …

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Running head: ENGLISH ESSAY
Name of the student:
Name of the university:
Author ’sNote:
Facebook vs. Twitter
As per the generalized convention, Facebook is deemed as the means that lets one
connect with people with whom they went to high school with while Twitter lets one connect
with people who they wish they had gone with. The multipurpose social networking platform of
Facebook enables its users in chatting with while play games and post photos as well as videos
while Twitter is made with the purpose of posting messages or tweets of 140 characters (Jaidka,
Guntuku & Ungar, 2018). However, the social networking do serve another purpose of
promoting abusiness to the mass audience with its widely used social networks being leveraged
for connecting with a broad audience. Although Facebook and Twitter are two most popular
social networking sites that helps one connect with people as well as promote business to alarger
audience, advertising, audience appeal and engagement as well as functionality seems better in
the platform of Twitter.
While seeing to draft acomparison between the two most popular social networking sites,
it requires analyzing and comparing the different set of audiences associated with each platform
to determine which one is efficient. Facebook is deemed as one having the most active social
media network in consideration of the fact that it owns Instagram which is another popularized
social network as well as WhatsApp which uses the Internet for sending messages, video or
audio files. As such, the unique channel of Facebook appeals to awide range of generations that
seems to drawn to the idea of connecting with their close ones while keeping tabs on them all
while making sure that are able to access their favorite brands as well (Spiliotopoulos & Oakley,
2020). Over the years, Facebook has cultivated aconsiderable market with seniors wherein its
social networking channel has seen to be increasingly appealing to those within the age range of
65-74 years while itprovides ease of use and accessibility (Ittefaq, 2019). However, ithas seen a
drop in the number of users in their youth and has certainly lose its tagline of being trending
platform. On the other hand, Twitter demographic report states that more than 20 percent of its
users are between 30 to 49 years old while more than 30 percent comprises those between the
age group of 18 and 29. As such, the fast paced channel of Twitter appeals to the young populace
despite the fact that its overall base of user for a month seems small. Besides, the social
networking platform is not just popular with average consumer but also with renowned
celebrities, journalists as well as politicians who seems to be using the frequently as well. In that
consideration, it can be stated that Twitter is the considerate platform for one to be able to find
trending news. The fast paced nature of Twitter alongside the fact that it appeals to renewed
personalities does make itideal for enterprises who wish to stay ahead of the curve.
The social networking sites do tends to differ in terms of functionality owing to the fact
that it was not intended to build for similar purpose. While Facebook is more acquainted with
connecting with friends and family as well as cherish the joyfulness of deeper engagement, it
enables one to share information. However, it being a contending platform for reaching
audiences, companies through their Facebook accounts are required to put considerable effort
with the purpose of engaging their audience. It seems harder to get likes in the platform while at
the same time it does require a more in-depth marketing campaign for an organization to
promote itself or its business and product. On the contrary, Twitter lets abrand get across its
audience quickly while enable one to connect with important and trending news topic. With use
of “Live Events ”abrand can see to promote its content to awider audience and see to achieve
some exposure in the due process (Valenzuela, Correa & Gil de Zuniga, 2018). As such, brands
do not have to make much effort when it comes to attaining followers in its Twitter account
while its fast paced manner can help in discovering new content as well as remain up to date in
regards to what has seen to be trending in the social world.
One of the considerate aspects for abrand seeking for exposure in social media is to be
able to measure its performance with use of metrics or tools. While Facebook have analytical
tools that enables a brand to remain in track with their progress and campaigns, it does offer
targeted reach for customers that helps in narrowing down the search up to the point where the
focus is given to only one potential clientele. However, the only downside to use of Facebook Ad
is its prices getting soared gradually wherein the average price per ad has seem to gone up by 35
percent during the year of 2017 (Kalsnes & Larsson, 2018). Besides, with the popularity of
Facebook, the space for promotion seems saturated. In comparison, Twitter has numerous tools
that can be availed for analyzing brand performance without requiring to invest too much finance.
While there are considerable number of options that can availed at free of cost, the ones that are
premium seem to entail minimal fee. Besides, its API do seem to help in letting apps an software
track as well amonitor brand mentions better in the platform of Twitter with many of them being
close to hundred percent accurate.
In consideration with the above comparative assessment, it can be stated that Twitter
tends to be abetter social media platform for abrand seeing to promote while appealing to larger
audience as well as endowed with convenient functionality and better advertising opportunities.
While Facebook does provide alarger reach it does not see to appeal to the politicians, world
leaders and journalists such as Twitter as well as provide convenient tools and software in order
to keep track on brand performance. As such, when it comes promoting awareness of abrand
through social media, the fast paced way of Twitter is more efficient than that of Facebook.
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