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Consumer behavior
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Consumer behavior
Consumers have different behaviors …

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Consumer behavior
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Consumer behavior
Consumers have different behaviors in the market and tastes in goods. They play a
significant role in the market and economic system because they are the one who purchases
goods. Some of the consumer markets in our economy are transportation, beverages, fo od, and
retail. This paper will discuss which consumers are most likely to buy old town white coffee,
how they differ from those who don’t believe, and how we reach them.
The VALS diagram shows different behavior of consumers and even how they can be
moti vated and reach a broader market. The farm of white coffee was founded in Malaysia in
1958 at a place known as Ipoh, Perak. These old town white coffees would mostly reach
households and give food services. Also, they formed a band that could supply goods to
supermarkets, so white coffee would be easy to get to wholesalers and then deliver goods to final
consumers. It could also reach export markets whereby they took goods outside to other needs
(Kaur & Arora, 2022). This shows that large -scale consumers we re likely to buy old town whiter
coffee more quickly than small -scale consumers.
First, most consumers who are likely to access old town white coffee is those who
purchase goods at wholesale price. Some example is; supermarkets, whole -sellers, and
hyperma rkets .some of some excellent example of old town white coffee include; Robusta and
quality coffee beans from Arabica. OTWC used different advertisement methods for it to reach a
broader market. Some advertisement methods used are; broadcasting marketing, sponsorship,
and social media, i.e., the internet. That made it easy to reach its customers as they would be
aware of the existen ce of the goods in the market.
Secondly, consumers who get goods from OTWC are different from those who don’t get
them. Some of their differences are as follows. OTWC consumers enjoy better prices of goods as
they call them directly from the producer compared to others who get from middle men. They
can also get good quality and quantity of the goods because they are from the sou rce. They enjoy
delivery as goods are delivered to them free with no charge.
We can reach those who don’t buy goods from OTWC by telling them the advantage of
buying goods from OTWC. In addition, we can advertise using internet media to reach more
custome rs. Also, we can ensure that there is a good communication network between the sender
and receiver. In addition to that, we can use radios and television to reach people in village’s .by
doing this; many consumers will get the awareness of these OTWC in th e market, which would
increase the demand.
Kaur, S., & Arora, S. (2022). Understanding customers’ usage behavior towards online banking
services: An integrated risk –benefit framework. Journal of Financial Services Marketing,
1-25. -022 -00140 -5


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