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Running head: Nursing Experience using STAR technique
Nursing Experience using the STAR technique
Name of the Student
Name of the University
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Running head: Nursing Experience using STAR technique
Nursing Experience using the STAR technique
Name of the Student
Name of the University
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1 Nursing Experience using STAR technique
Experience 1
Situation: Promotion of standard quality healthcare and well-being of patients at the
maternity ward of Hurstville Maternity on a rotational basis through all the evidence and
resources available.
Task: As apractising nurse, Iwas responsible for working in collaboration with the general
practitioner, midwives and registered nurses, along with other healthcare workers such as
anaesthetists. This was aimed at achieving high-quality care for maternity patients through
coordination. Proper health assessment had to be conducted, and proper health education of
patients was provided to support birth as well as reproductive health of mothers while
minimising complications they are potential.
Action: Ihad undertaken actions such as delivering medicines and intravenous injections to
patients by following the instructions of my seniors. Ihad to record the vital signs of patients
and diagnose the underlying conditions while determining intervention measures to treat
patients using evidence in astrategic manner. In situations of emergency, Ihad to keep in
mind the fundamental requirements of women that serve as the foundation for obtaining
evidence so that well-informed decision-making could be achieved.
Result: The collaborative practices applied by our team of healthcare professionals resulted in
hassle-free and complication-free delivery to maternity patients. This rendered good health
patients. This made me achieve appreciation from my seniors, and itadded to my experience,
thus making my professional career stable. It has increased my scope for my future growth in
nursing practice.
Experience 2
Situation: Engagement in professional and therapeutic relationships along with partnerships
that are respectful with the co-workers of Hurstville Maternity with the establishment of
2 Nursing Experience using STAR technique
empathy and compassion. The same has to be done with maternity patients. The maintenance
of relationships is carried out within a harmonious environment of collaboration and trust
along with respect.
Task: As apractising nurse, Iwas asked to support the choices of the patients along with their
families in relation to maternity care. Iwas asked to maintain cultural safety in a holistic
manner without any discrimination of, racism, or bias. I was asked to maintain ethical
principles, confidentiality and justice for patients in collaboration with other nurses and
Action: Ihad learned the principles of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia so that I
could treat all patients equally without any discrimination on the grounds of sex, ethnicity,
race or any other grounds. Idealt with patients belonging to the Aboriginal community in a
manner where their cultural values were not disrespected. To make the would-be mothers or
new mothers understand how to take care of themselves, Itook help from liaison officers who
worked as a bridge between both of us. Imaintained the confidentiality of patients to my
utmost ability and did not reveal them to anyone apart from aparticular family member. I
respected the decisions taken by my team of nurses or midwives in any emergency situation
of critical care.
Result: Iwas appreciated by seniors as well as patients and their families as one of the
ethically correct nurses maintaining professionalism at my best for the type of services I
provided. This made me gain asense of confidence in my practising career.
Experience 3
Situation: Remaining accountable to my employer and patients along with the NMBA for
rendering healthcare practice that is both safe and competent at Hurstville Maternity. This
was to be achieved through aphase of continuous improvement and self-management.
3 Nursing Experience using STAR technique
Task: Iwas responsible for responding to the concerns of the other healthcare professionals
regarding their ability to practice. Iwas also responsible for engaging in documentation,
referral and consultation on a timely basis. This had to be done while remaining confined
within certain legal standards and codes of the profession along with maintenance of relevant
Action: I took action for my own professional development so that I can gain all the
necessary knowledge and skills required basically for undertaking practices of care and
treatment that are safe and effective. Idid this by learning about therapeutic skills and also
contributed to learning about my colleagues having any kind of obligations. Iutilised some of
the relevant processes for analysing and managing risks by knowing their complexities by
using process-of-care measures. Through this, Iwas able to achieve continuity, quality as
well as safety of the patients.
Result: As a result, I was able to learn some basic skills and competencies that are
mandatorily required to become a proficient nurse according to the NMBA standards. My
colleagues appreciated my presence in the team on received help from me.
Experience 4
Situation: Undertaking comprehensive assessments on rotational shifts at Hurstville
Task: As ajunior nurse, my task is to continuously keep on gathering data in various contexts
of practice and critically analyse them taking help from evidence in the past so that practices
of nursing and midwives can be validated. Iam also given the responsibility of conveying
information on the data collected using proper communication to the rest of the nurses,
midwives or any other health care practitioner in my team. Other tasks of mine include
4 Nursing Experience using STAR technique
assisting the seniors is assessing the resources available, which would enhance nursing
practice in the ward.
Action: Ifollowed the instructions which were given to me by my seniors and worked in
partnership with them to determine factors and information which affect the health of
maternal women along with their well-being. Thereby, my team and Ifound evidence-based
strategies that could help us achieve the same and thereby implement them into practice. My
team and Imade use of the technological advancements by obtaining proper information of
the same in asystematic manner to obtain results in the best interests of the patients in the
Result: When we were able to keep the patients healthy, both physically and mentally, they
were satisfied, and we could obtain the trust of the family members as well. This was ahuge
appreciation on our part, which boosted our confidence.
Experience 5
Situation: Development of aproper plan for practising midwifery in the maternity ward of
Hurstville Maternity to render comprehensive care to all patients.
Task: Iwas asked to assist my senior, who is aregistered nurse at the hospital, in making a
proper clinical judgement after acritical analysis of the information and evidence obtained on
the choice of clinical practice which is to be implemented. The team had to work within aset
frame of time under the collaboration.
Action: Iassisted my senior as and how ordered me to do. This included interpreting the data
of assessment along with the best evidence amongst all that were gathered or available so that
acomprehensive plan of practice could be developed. Iworked in collaboration with the team
until all the goals, outcomes, priorities along with actions were agreed upon by all members
of the team. Icoordinated all resources efficiently and effectively to overcome the actions.
5 Nursing Experience using STAR technique
Result: This action led to the growth of team spirit amongst the staff of the hospital, which
enhanced growth manifold.
Experience 6
Situation: Execute safe and quality practice of nursing and care in the rotational maternity
ward of Hurstville Maternity.
Task: Iwas required to use comprehensive knowledge as well as skills for the safety of the
patients, which could result in the achievement of high-quality care with the best possible
outcome for patients in midwifery and nursing practices. Iwas also asked by the GP to
actively contribute to quality improvement as well as activities of research.
Action: To accomplish this, Iembarked upon achieving agreed goals that could meet the
needs of women getting admitted to our hospital. Hence, Istudied books and journals and
watched videos and documentaries about ways in which comprehensive nursing practice can
be achieved, which increased my knowledge to some extent. Idiscussed them with my
colleagues, and collaboratively, we implemented those midwife practices when taking care of
the maternal patients, both general and critical. In cases where the process of treatment was
beyond my scope of practice, Iescalated the case to my seniors, who could handle them with
proficiency. I accepted timely and effective direction and delegation of my tasks while
following delegations and supervision sincerely.
Result: As aresult of undertaking these actions, Ihave learnt about sound and robust ideas of
safe and quality nursing as well as midwife practices. With the help of this, Ihave been able
to deliver safe and effective care to patients.
6 Nursing Experience using STAR technique
Experience 7
Situation: Evaluation of outcomes for improving practices of nursing and midwifery for
treatment of patients at Hurstville Maternity.
Task: Iwas required to responsibly carry out the evaluation of the nursing and midwifery
practices being undertaken for the welfare and betterment of maternity ward patients in
collaboration with GP, RN and other professionals. If there were scope for further
improvement, Iwas required to take actions for continuous improvement of the same.
Action: Ievaluated and monitored the progress of the midwifery practices undertaken for the
patients by following the instructions of my seniors so that anticipated outcomes and goals
could be achieved. Irevised the plan of action on the basis of evidence obtained from
practices undertaken, along with things that Icame across after the evaluation. With the help
of feedback obtained from the evaluation, Iused the same for deciding upon practices that
could enhance the scope of nursing practice in the future.
Result: This would lead to my areas of professional development. Icould make my career as
anurse stronger, and the chances of growth would certainly increase.


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